Co-owner and General Manager

Passionate about design and heavily involved in her industry for over 20 years, Jacinthe knows all the secrets of artificial plants. The quality and realism of a creation are at the heart of her thoughts, and she assiduously frequents commercial design exhibitions in Europe and North America in order to stay on top of the latest trends. Stimulated by major challenges, it is with great rigour that she manages and carries out the company's mandates, surrounded by a team of creators, project managers and production specialists.

" The result is always dazzling when you combine exceptional design, top quality products and professionalism! »


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Co-owner and Sales Manager

Jean-Pierre has nearly 20 years of experience in the field of themed decorations and artificial vegetation. Thanks to his knowledge of materials and his ability to find the best products, partners and suppliers, he knows how to optimize operations in order to complete the company's various mandates in an outstanding manner. Motivated by the creation and overall management of innovative projects, by the synergy of a team's talents and by the importance of details, he aims to create a unique atmosphere to provide a memorable experience for all his clients.

"It is by learning from our best practices, while staying alert to local, regional, national or international news and trends that our team can bring your ideas to life. »


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Sales and Marketing Administrative Assistant

A recent graduate in business administration, with a focus on marketing, Julie brings a wealth of experience in customer service. Passionate about digital marketing, sales and communications, Julie helps support the business with her creative mind.
Curious, she is constantly looking to improve herself by applying the right marketing tools whether it be online or through other media. Staying on top of the latest trends is part of her day-to-day work and allows her to stay current with best practices.
Her organisational skills and analytical mind will allow her to respond well to our clients' needs.


Tel: +1 450.646.8111


Project Manager

With more than 33 years of experience, Richard has held various management positions in several companies, both in personnel management and in sales and marketing of products and services. With a bachelor's degree in business administration, majoring in finance, he joined the Opus Design team four years ago as a project manager. His mobilizing and participative leadership, his sense of priorities, his great capacity to adapt and his coordination skills are considerable attributes in the success of many projects, both at the production and implementation stages on our clients' diversified sites.


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Account Manager

Originally from England, Stefan has been in Canada for 46 years, making his mark in Winnipeg and Montreal before moving to Toronto, where he develops, advises and supports Opus Design's clients outside of Quebec.
Throughout his career, Stefan has worked passionately in the world of visual presentation, design, fashion and event planning. He has held a variety of high profile positions for such high profile companies as Birks, Eaton's, Ricki's and The Bay, to name a few.
An active member of the company since its inception, Stefan is a mentor of remarkable professionalism and thoroughness.
Dynamic and passionate, Stefan takes every opportunity to be inspired to present his clients with new ideas. He approaches every creative challenge from an unexpected angle. He is sure to surprise you!


Tel: +1 647.968.4922


IT Director

Christian is our IT specialist. He provides us with fast and efficient support for all the different technological elements necessary for the company's smooth operation. He sees to the maintenance of our network and its security, as well as being responsible for the Web portion of Opus Design. Versatile and talented, he plays a key role in the company.


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Production managers

Isaac has been an integral part of the Opus Design team since day one. Involved and conscientious, he and his team produce many of the decorative elements developed by the Opus Design creative team. His enthusiasm for his work and his great capacity to accomplish tasks under sometimes tight deadlines contribute greatly to the company's success.


Tel: +1 450.646.8111


Production Manager

Hector has a natural talent for developing and producing various realistic floral creations. His infectious joie de vivre and daily enthusiasm shines through to all his colleagues. Participating, working and being involved in the various stages of a project, from manufacturing to installation, are his main sources of motivation.


Tel: +1 450.646.8111


Marketing and Development Coordinator

Guillaume combines precision, organization and creativity. With a bachelor's degree in administration, specializing in operations management, and a certificate in marketing, he excels in implementing strategies to improve our internal processes. His attention to detail, analytical mind and strategic vision contribute to the company's growth and development.

Like his colleagues, Guillaume is passionate about innovation, emerging trends
and stimulated by challenges. His strategic vision is perfectly aligned with Opus
mission, and he constantly strives to create memorable experiences for our customers, harmoniously combining creativity, quality and professionalism.
creativity, quality and professionalism.


Tel: +1 450.646.8111